3.11 fundraising screening

We finished 3.11 screening event. Thank you very much!


3/10 ~ 3/16 Online Worldwide Free

11th Memorial Free Film Screening
of the Great East Japan Earthquake

決して忘れない あなたがいたことを、あなたがいることを


All films free screening

Free ticket: Tap the Title / 無料チケット: タイトルをタップして下さい。

● not alone ひとりじゃない (40min Drama)

● Fukushima 2011 フクシマ2011 (85min Documentary)

● wind phone 風の電話 (16min Drama)

● Sun Flower 向日葵 (64min Drama)

At the time of this free screening event, we would like to raise donations for the free screening.

 Half of the donations will be given to LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) on behalf of the fire department that was the first to enter Fukushima from the United States and carried out rescue activities during the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Japan America Media Association, which hosts the film festival, has been donating to the fire department every year since 2010. 

 And rest of the half will be given to the “All Children’s Republic” in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. Children in Minamisoma, who were severely damaged by the radiation leak from the nuclear power plant, are also for care. The Japan America Media Association supports this organization after the earthquake.

この作品の上映に際して、寄付を募っています。寄付の半分は、東日本大震災時に、いち早くアメリカから福島に入って救助活動を行なった消防署を代表してLAFD(ロサンゼルス消防局)にお弁当を贈ります。映画祭を主催するJapan America Media Associationでは、2010年から毎年消防署への寄付を続けてきました。 また寄付の半分は福島県南相馬市の「みんな共和国」に贈ります。原子力発電所の放射能漏れにより大きな被害を受けた南相馬の子供もケアのためです。Japan America Media Associationでは震災後にこの団体を支援しています。

(Expenses related to the screening will be paid out from the total donation amount. 上映に係る経費は、寄付総額から捻出させていただきます。)

presented by Japan America Media Association(http://jamaonline.org) with JFFLA