Congratulation !! JFFLA2023 official Award!

Best Spectacular Award : ”Inheritance”
Best Fantasy Award : ”Pécopin and the Devil”
Best Japanese American Award : ”Stamp Our Story”
Best Comedy Award : ”Our late father”
Best Action Award : ”Yae:Blind Samurai Woman”
Best Ensemble Award : ”First Love”
Best Documentary Award : ”Dr. Bala”
Best Screenplay Award : ”HAPPY SANDWICH”
Best Cinematography Award : ”Dead fishes”
Best Cross Culture Award : ”Sampaguita”
Best Awaken Award : ”Planet of love Ⅱ”
Best Passion Award : ”TUNA Girl”
Best Short Award : ”The Old Young Crow”
Best Short+ Award : ”TATARA”
Best Feature Award : ”For whom the flowers bloom”
Best Director Award : ”No No Girl”
“NU-KU-MO-RI” Award : ”Kamaishi Ramen Story”

JFFLA 2023 – In-Person Screening

Friday Sept. 15th – Sunday Sept. 17th

JFFLA2023 In-Person Screening : Free Screenings
9/15 (Fri) at MI (Musicians Institute)

(Address :1655 N McCadden Pl Los Angeles, CA 90028)

“For Whom the Flowers Bloom” (120min)(Free)
Q&A w/ Haruna Yoshikawa (Producer)

“Planet of Love II” (90min) (Free)
Q&A w/ Director Miki (海響)

“No No Girl” (115min)(Free)
Q&A w/ Actor Chris Tashima and Cast

9/16(Sat) at Japan House Salon Screenings
(6801 Hollywood Blvd #Level 5, Los Angeles, CA. 90028)

Program 1
Short film & Short-plus film screenings (Free) Q&A w/ Director or Cast

Stamp Our Story

Program 2 (Special Screening & Talk)
“TUNA Girl” Screening with Director Mana Yasuda Q&A at Japan House Salon

9/17(Sun) at Japan House Salon Screenings:
(6801 Hollywood Blvd #Level 5, Los Angeles, CA. 90028)

Program 1
“Kamaishi Ramen Story” Screening (90min) with Director Akiyoshi Imazeki, Cast Hako Oshima, and more guests Q&A

Director: Akiyoshi Imazeki
Actress: Hako Oshima

Program 2
Short Film Screenings (Free) Q&A w/ Director and Cast

Our Late Father
Nicole and Sam
Yae: Blind Samurai Women

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JFFLA 2023 Theme

JFFLA2023 Theme “ぬくもり(nu-ku-mo-ri)” “When you are with your family, friends, a significant other, or someone you care about, you get a warm ‘feeling’. Sometimes, you can get this feeling from a meaningful place or thing, like a house, a room, or even just words. We at JFFLA2023 want to provide this special feeling through the films selected to be shown at our festival.”

JFFLA2023 のテーマは、 “ぬくもり(nu-ku-mo-ri)” です。
家族、友人、大事な人、大切な人と一緒にいると、温かい『気持ち』が生まれます。 家、部屋、言葉など、意味のある場所や物からもこの感情を感じることがあります。 私たちJFFLA2023は、映画祭で上映するために選ばれた映画を通じて、この特別な感覚をお伝えしたいと考えています。

Should there be any format or scheduling changes due to COVID-19 or something, we will adjust and announce our plans accordingly. 
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.