JFFLA2024 Submission Films Dead line

January 7, 2024 Early bird dead line

March 31, 2024 Regular dead line

May 5, 2024 Late (final dead line JFFLA2024)

June, 2024 Notification Date

September 1 – 15, 2024 Event Date



JFFLA2024 Film Submission Details Rules & Terms

The submission starts from 11/13(Mon) in 2023 to 5/5(Sun) in 2024.

Deadline (PDT) 
Early submission dead line – December 31(Sun), 2023. 
Normal submission dead line – March 31(Sun), 2024. 
Late submission deadline – May 5(Sun), 2024.

Submission Categories 

  • Short Film – running time from 5 to 20 min. 
  • Short Plus Film – running time from 21 to 60 min. 
  • Feature Film – running time from 61 – 120 min.

Submission Fee 
(The following will be charged as the entry fee. it does not promise to be screened.) 
Short Film Submission Fee – $20 (Early) / $30(Normal) / $50(Late) 
Short Plus Film Submission Fee – $30 (Early) / $40(Normal) / $70(Late) 
Feature Film Submission Fee – $40 (Early) / $60(Normal) / $100(Late)



*About the fee 
*Even if you pay the entry fee, we do not guarantee the screening. 
*We will not refund the entry fee after application for whatever the reason is. 
*The entry fee will vary depending on the length of the movie and time of submission.

Submission Requirements 

  • The JFFLA 2024 selected films from the public submission will be held online with a worldwide audience and in-person (unless otherwise announced) in Los Angeles from September 1st (Sunday) to 11th (Wednesday) for online, and 13th (Friday), 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday) for in-person.
  • It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that all rights associated with the images and music used in the film, as well as the film itself, have been cleared.
  • Selected films are required to have English subtitles whenever the dialogue is not in English. 
    *JFFLA can provide information on subtitling services. Please contact us if needed.
  • It is acceptable for the film to have been previously screened or released.
  • Films that are submitted with a Japanese director, writer and/or producer are not required for the theme to be related to Japan.
  • Films that are submitted with non-Japanese directors, writers, and/or producers are required to be related to Japan (shooting locations, concept, culture, tradition, etc.), or the leading actors (or multiple actors in supporting roles) must be Japanese.

Other Requirements 
Permission for promotional use: Your submission indicates your acceptance of the use of your film’s image captures, excerpts, or trailers for JFFLA promotional materials, including websites, social media, brochures, and flyers.

Important Notice: By submitting your film for consideration to JFFLA, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted all submission requirements. In the case of falsehood, negligence, or serious errors, your film will be excluded and/or disqualified, and you may be subject to compensate for any expenses borne by the festival committee.

Film Acceptance 
When a film is selected to be in the final competition and shown at JFFLA, the submitter will receive a notification via e-mail or phone, with the contact provided in submission. Accepted films can expect a response from JFFLA by end of day June, 2024 (PDT). 
*Please do not contact JFFLA; We will contact you directly. JFFLA will not answer questions regarding submission screening updates, reasons for a film being accepted or not accepted, reasons for a film being awarded or not awarded, and the like. 

Prize / Award 
There will be a Jury award. A winner will receive an original prize. It will be presented at the in-person ceremony (or online) and will be mailed to you after the close of the film festival.

Submission Instructions 
Please upload and complete the application form at the website below by the deadline. 


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