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“Nankurunaisa”   なんくるないさぁ     Theatre    Online
“Love and the Grand Tug-of-war”   Theatre    Online (US only)
“Peaceful Death” 痛くない死に方    Theatre    Online (US only)
“Microplastic Madness”                     Online
“A Down Town Doctor” けったいな町医者     Online (US only)
“Lamafa”       くじらびと                     Theatre 
“Prayer”祈りー幻に長崎を想う刻ー   Theatre     Online(US only)
“Hank and Jolene”                             Theatre    Online
“12month of KAI”    12ヶ月のカイ                        Online
“Make-Believers”    夢見びと          Online 
“From Whence the Light Comes” そこからの光 Online
*feature film online : $10 /one film pre-sale / $12 per each film after 10/4
* 9 short films Package online : $10 pre-sale / $12 after 10/4 (Includes: Nanakorobi, A Bloody Taboo, Foundher, Sneeze!, Parabola, In the shadow of the Pines, SHOP-PUTTERS, Haiku, Beni)
* Senses of Women package online : $10(6 films) pre-sale / $12 after 10/4 (Includes: Bloody Taboo, Torinaoshi, SHIBUYA TOKYO 16:30, Foundher, In the shadow of Pine, Nanakorobi)
* 3 Short+ Film Package online : $10 pre-sale / $12 after 10/4 (Includes: Safu-Funge and Sashimi, PALETTE, TORINAOSHI)
* 4 Invited short & short+ film package online : $10 pre-sale / $12 after 10/4 (Includes: String, Dear Moon, The Dancing Kettle, Lost Face)
Special Selected Films online (US only) : $40(23 films) pre-sale / $60 after 10/4 (Includes: 12 months of KAI, A Bloody Toboo, Beni, Dear Moon, Foundher, From Whence the Light Comes, Haiku, Hank and Jolene, In the Shadow of the Pines, Lost Face, Make-Believers, Microplastic Madness, NANKURUNAISA, Nanakorobi, PALETTE, Parabola, SHIBUYA TOKYO 16:30, SHOP-PUTTERS, Safu-Funge and Sashimi, Sneeze!, String, TORINAOSHI, The Dancing Kettle)



(*Under all date and time on PST.)
Sep. 24-26:  Welcome Free Screenings (finished)

Oct.4 – 10th:  Online Screening


Greeting and Q&A  by Zoom worldwide(free)

On 09/24(Fri.)      6:00pm: Welcome Screenings Q&A(finished)                      * Natsuiro Soft / Sakura Iro No Kaze Ni Notte / Haruiro Heart
On 10/5(Tue.)   6:00pm-6:30pm(PST) for short filmsFoundher, A Bloody Taboo, Nanakorobi, In the Shadow of the Pines, Parabola, Haiku,


On 10/5(Tue.)   7:00pm-7:30pm(PST) for short filmsSHOP-PUTTERS, Sneeze!, Beni, SHIBUYA TOKYO 16:30



Oct.9 &10th:  at Marilyn Monroe Theatre

  10/9(Sat) 11:00am〜  Peaceful Death(112min)
                      1:15pm〜     Prayer: Figments of Nagasaki (110min)
                     3:30pm〜    Love and the Grand Tag-of-war (108min)
                     5:45pm〜    NANKURUNAISA (108min)         
7:30pm-8:00pm(PST) NANKURUNAISA Q&A and songs by Masae NaKada   (actor) and producer talks.
10/10(Sun) 11:00am〜 LAMAFA (113min)
                       1:15pm〜 Short & Short+ selection (total 100 min)
                                            String, Nanakorobi, Play Dead, Foundher,
                                            In the Shadow of Pines 
                      3:00pm〜    Q&A session by actor or director for short
                      4:00pm〜 Hank and Jolene (80min)  
                   5:30pm Q&A session by actor or director for Hank and Jolene

Oct. 10th 6pm〜:  Award Ceremony

Marilyn Monroe Theatre
7936 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046

For the safety of our volunteers and guests, JFFLA will require all volunteers, visitors, guests, and media to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative test results within 72 hours. The venue will be disinfected during changeover and masks will be distributed to those who need them. It is also mandatory to wear masks in the LA venue.

JFFLA(Japan Film Festival Los Angeles) is Los Angeles based film festival. So all the films have English subtitles. We don’t have any Japanese subtitles. Thank you very much for your understanding.