Tickets & Schedule

Buying online Tickets

“The Master Sake Brewers” / 吟ずる者たち   Theatre  Sold out
“Hiroshima Piano” / おかあさんの被爆ピアノ   Theatre    Online 
“The Craft of Memories” / 記憶の技法   Theatre    Online 
“Snow Flowers” / 雪の花   Theatre     Online
“Before They Take Us Away”     Online
“Miracle City Koza” /ミラクルシティ コザ  Online
“Mo-Ruerani” / モルエラニの霧の中  Online 
“School Lunch of Ashiya” / あしやのきゅうしょく   Online
“The River” / 親子の河   Online
* online screenings : $10 /one film pre-sale / $12 per each film after 9/16
* 4 short-plus films Package Theatre : $10 pre-sale / $12 after 9/16
* 7 short films Package Theatre : $10pre-sale / $12 after 9/16
* 7 short-plus films Package Online : $10 pre-sale / $12 after 9/16
* 14 short films Package Online : $10pre-sale / $12 after 9/16
1 day Theatre Ticket on Sep.17 : $20 pre-sale
1 day Theatre Ticket on Sep.18 : $20 pre-sale 
2 day Theatre Ticket on Sep.17 & 18 : $40 pre-sale 
*We will add Ticket price credit card processing fee. Please note there are no refunds on any purchases.  Thank you.

Festival Schedule

 (*Under all date and time on PST.)

Greeting and Q&A  by Zoom worldwide(free)

On 09/2(Fri.)ShortA:6pm-6:30pm… Chained/ Falling in Love with A♯/The drifting post/MaTch/Orbital Christmas/ (Japanese with English translate)


On 09/2(Fri.)ShortB:7pm-7:30pm… I love Todays sky/ Cassette Tape/ I’m less than zero/ Parents’ Day/ (Japanese with English translate)


On 09/3(Sat.)Short+:6pm-6:30pm…Tea Brewer/ Siblings/ Lunar Maria /I am Here/ HIDE & SNIFF/ (Japanese with English translate)


On 09/3(Sat.)Feature:7pm-7:30pm…Miracle City Koza/ School Lunch of Ashiya City / TakeCare/ Mo-Ruerani/ TheRiver/ (Japanese with English translate)


On 09/4(Sun.)English Q&A:6pm-6:30pm…Before They Take Us / 80 years later/ HOLDOUT/ Last Hawaiian Sugar/ LivingInTheStory/ (English only)

Sep.3 – 14th:  Online Screening

Theatre Schedule

Sep.16: Opening Screening +Sake & Bento Tasting at Japan House Hollywood.

Sep. 17&18:  at Marilyn Monroe Theatre

Sept.17(Sat)   12:00pm〜 “The Craft of Memories” (105min)* Director Chihiro Ikeda will appear in person.

Sept.17(Sat)  2:30pm〜  Short-plus film selection (total 166min) “Tea Brewer”+”The Soloist”+”Siblings”+” Lunar Maria”* Q&A session by actor or director for short+

Sept.17(Sat)   6:00pm〜 “Nighttime Warbles”(117min) * Director Hideo Jojo  Q&A session (online).

Sep.18(Sun)    11:00am〜 “Hiroshima Piano”(111min)    * Q&A session by director (online)

Sep.18(Sun)    1:30pm〜“Snow Flowers”(35min) + memorial talk(25min)  FREE                                                                               

Sep.18(Sun)    3:30pm〜6:00pm  Short film selection (total 112min)    *Actor or director will appear in person.

Sep.18(Sun)    6:00pm〜7:30pm:  Award Ceremony    FREE


Venue : Marilyn Monroe Theatre

7936 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA 90046

Parking information: no parking at Theatre. please parking your car at public parking under map. or street parking. Thank you.

Public parking

For the safety of our volunteers and guests, JFFLA will recommend to wear masks in the Theatre. Thank you.


JFFLA(Japan Film Festival Los Angeles) is Los Angeles based film festival. So all the films have English subtitles. We don’t have any Japanese subtitles. Thank you very much for your understanding. JFFLA(ロサンゼルス日本映画祭)は、ロサンゼルスを拠点とする映画祭です。したがって、全ての映画は英語字幕付きまたは英語が言語の作品となります。日本語字幕はついていない作品も多くあります。ご理解の程よろしくお願い致します。