Let’s fundraising of JFFLA2022! We will join to “Taste of Japan 2022” on June.17-19. Please come to JAMA booth.

3.10-3.16.2022 3.11 online screening event.
from “PALETTE” staff
A Downtown Doctor director Yasutaka Mohri interview (2021-10-07)
Peaceful Death director Banmei Takahashi Interview (2021-10-07)
JFFLA2021 official song “Orizuru” performed by Kat McDowell.
“Peaceful Death” ” A down Town Doctor” “Microplastic Madness” interview by Orange Network(2021-10)
Rafu-Shimpo (09/30/2021)
Lighthouse (10/1/2021)
“Love and the Grand Tug-of-war” 大綱引の恋 producer Seishiro Nishida interview by Weekly LALALA (9/24/2021)
*The Rafu-Shimpo (9/28/2021)
*Nikkan Sun (9/26/2021)
Welcome Screening Q&A (9/24/2021)
Welcome Short Film Screenings from 9/24(Fri.)-9/26(Sun) (9/23/2021)