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JFFLA2021 has a official song for the first time!!!
The title is “Orizuru” performed by Kat McDowell.

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1000 Paper Cranes making of – 
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Part 2 –

Here’s the greeting from Kat McDowell to you!!
    Hello to everyone at the JFFLA festival! It is such an honor to be part of this wonderful event and I appreciate “Orizuru” being included as the official song for 2021.  This is a song I wrote for my Japanese grandmother the day after she passed away to honor her and her love for music and origami that she passed down to me. It’s so beautiful that we can come together as storytellers and bridge the world through our films, art and songs. There’s nothing more universal or powerful than our stories to not only celebrate our differences but also unite us in our shared humanity. Let’s all stay connected and continue to build this bridge building community!

Kat McDowell bio – 
Born in Tokyo and raised in New Zealand, Kat McDowell makes music with an Ocean Pop sound delivered in a blend of Japanese and English that is uniquely her own.   
Kat’s career started with a record that no 1. on the vinyl charts in Japan and her music has been placed in multiple commercials including a 2019 Xfinity and Apple commercial.  Most recently her single “Outside Inside” was selected for multiple “New Music Friday” Spotify Editorial playlists around the world. 
in 2020, Kat released her song  “Orizuru” (a.k.a “1000 Paper Cranes”). She wrote this song with Nitanee Paris, Kazumi Shimokawa, Masaki K and Sumire Stanislawski as a tribute to her Japanese grandmother who passed away a year earlier.
Film maker Ari Keita brought the song to life through creating a music video showing flashbacks between a grandmother and her granddaughter with Kat singing in a room filled with paper cranes symbolizing what being in her grandmother’s origami filled room meant to her as a young child. This song and music video has lead to Kat teaching origami workshops at companies and colleges all through the United States during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 sharing the Japanese art form to many as a therapy during these stressful times.

Here’s a link to her new song “1000 Paper Cranes”
and the Japanese version “Orizuru”
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